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Tea parties are a great way of bringing people together. An Artful Tea is a tea party with a twist. Guests are asked to bring their own favorite teacup or mug, then briefly tell its story to others in the group. The sharing is facilitated so that everyone may enjoy having tea in fun, safe atmosphere.

Artful Tea gatherings are perfect for fundraisers, office parties, birthday celebrations, and other special occasions.

Setting: Artful Tea can be held indoors or outdoors depending on the season. To cultivate a sense of beauty and magic, the setting can be decorated with simple, colorful table arrangements, flowers, candles, etc., according to the theme of the party, imagination and the budget. Access to electricity for brewing hot water is essential.

Costs: These vary depending upon the menu, the number of participants and preparations. Things to consider:

  • Tea selections may range from bagged teas to premium quality loose teas. Choices should always include caffeinated and herbal varieties.
  • Tables may have individual teapots or a serving area may be set up with large urns.
  • Food options may range from simple platters of cookies, dried fruits and nuts to more elaborate options such as sandwiches, canapés, petit fours, scones, quiches, specialty breads and jams.

Tamara Gilbert is an expressive arts facilitator and communications consultant. She leads Artful Tea parties to encourage others to tap into their creativity and cultivate positive relationships.

Start Planning: To discuss and book your event, call (503) 656-8910.