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Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_zinkevych'>zinkevych / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Cooking together is an effective, exciting, hands-on way to develop team building. As people collaborate on preparing meals in a positive atmosphere they not only sharpen their culinary skills, but develop skills in decision-making, planning, leadership, troubleshooting, support, and cooperation -- essential business practices. Why not include sushi making or curry making as part of your next business retreat or employee training program? 

Chef2Go can help you plan the perfect cooking and business training session for your employees. Chef Surja holds a MBA degree in International Business from USC and has years of experience in business management and employee training.

Call (503) 656-8910 to create an extraordinary learning experience for your firm.

Cooking and eating together is one of the best ways to build community. Chef2Go can help your organization create an unforgettable experience in cooperative cooking meal sharing, a special cooking class, or an Artful Tea party. Great as a fundraiser, a birthday celebration (for kids or adults) or a fun-filled gathering. Call (503) 656-8910 or e-mail surja101@gmail.com to schedule your special event or class.

Chef presents Copyright: <a href='https://www.123rf.com/profile_stockasso'>stockasso / 123RF Stock Photo</a>
How about a special meal for that special someone in your life? Chef2Go can work with you to plan and create that perfect experience with you in the convenience of your own home without breaking the bank. Call (503) 656-8910 or e-mail surja101@gmail.com to arrange a meal just right for you.

is also available to teach any special cooking class you may want to share with a group of friends.

Chef2Go offers fun and affordable cooking classes in the Portland metro area through the West Linn Parks and Recreation Department. To learn more about our upcoming classes click here.