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The West Coast is home to many different Asian ethnic groups. Local arts, culture, and business have been positively influenced by their contributions. Clearly this is the case with cuisine. Just witness the proliferation of Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Korean restaurants in West Coast communities. The interplay of Eastern and Western flavors is the hallmark of fusion cooking and a distinct quality in much of California cuisine.

One of the best ways to learn more about the ingredients that go into the vibrant yet subtle flavoring of Asian cuisine is to take a trip to Asian markets. No need to travel abroad. Chef2Go leads local Asian food market tours so that you can become familiar with the diversity and use of vegetables, fruits, sauces, fresh seafood, cuts of meat, noodles, tofu, teas, and dry goods not found in neighborhood grocery chains. Prices are very reasonable and especially attractive for the cost-conscious shopper.

What's so special about shopping in Asian food markets?

● Bargain-priced, fresh seafood.
● Vegetarian's delight! A huge selection of produce at great prices.  
● All sorts of useful, affordable kitchen equipment.
● Shelves of sauces that perk up your cooking with exciting flavors. 


Portland boasts some large Asian markets (Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese) as well as many small groceries and specialty markets. Can you believe King salmon $5/lb, Chilean sea bass $11/lb, fresh shitake mushrooms $4.50/lb, green onions $0.25/bunch, cilantro $0.35/bunch, or dry dill $2.50/oz? Join Chef2Go for a tour of some of the best places to shop for fresh, inexpensive seafood and other Asian food supplies in Portland.

We'll gather in a local restaurant for a lunchtime introduction to delicious Asian dishes and continue to visit Asian markets to learn about the many wonderful treasures they offer to the knowledgeable shopper. This is your time to get to know what's available, to ask questions, and to shop.

See feature articles on Chef Surja's Asian market tour in The Asian Reporter and Lake Oswego Review.

Interested? Call (503) 656-8910 to inquire. Next Portland tour date to be determined.

Need a special gift for the foodies in your life?
Give a taste of East Asian flavors right from the heart of Portland. Chef2Go offers Gift Certificates for Asian Food Market Tours and Personal Chef Services.