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Chef Surja Tjahaja offers cooking classes for adults at the West Linn Adult Community Center. This is a great way to sharpen your culinary skills, meet other food enthusiasts, and share a terrific collective gourmet meal. This spring and summer, our focus is on simply delicious popular dishes from the Far East.

West Linn Classes — Winter 2017

Cost (per class): Prices for West Linn Classes are $35 for city residents; $40 for non-residents. Note particular amount of materials fee payable to Chef Surja at class. All classes include a gourmet lunch.

Registration: Call West Linn Parks and Recreation at (503) 557-4700 or go online to westlinnoregon.gov/parksrec

Note that there is an additional service charge for online registration, but not for phone registration.

Class Location: West Linn Adult Community Center, 1180 Rosemont Road, West Linn, Oregon 97068.

Rich savory flavors are so satisfying in the wintertime. Usher in the Chinese New Year — the Year of the Rooster — with three authentic, gourmet, popular Chinese dishes that you can prepare in your own home.

Register early. That way you won't be disappointed about getting one of the limited places in each class.

News Flash: Due to popular demand, we're offering another Tonkotsu Ramen class in March.

Sorry. The Tonkotsu Ramen class is fully booked. Please add your name to the waiting list so that you can be informed of when the next class is scheduled.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Date: Sunday, Mar 5   Time: 10 AM - 1:30 PM    Course No. 1012.201

Get in while you can. Due to high demand, Chef Surja will be offering another Tonkotsu Ramen class. This thick pork broth is especially loved by ramen aficionados, due to its rich umami flavor. We will learn the technique for making the prized pork bone broth, along with the chasu (braised pork), nitamage (soft-boiled egg), and vegetables that top off the bowl of traditional wheat-based noodles (gluten-free options available, too).

Materials fee: $10

Tea-Smoked Duck with Steamed Buns

Date: Sunday, Mar 26   Time: 10 AM - 1:30 PM    Course No. 1019.201

This is an exotic dish, beautiful to behold and delicious to eat. The wood chip smoke and marinade made with tea, Chinese red wine and exotic spices make it so flavorful. Thin slices of the duck are served on steamed buns with a touch of hoisin sauce. Imagine having your friends and family to enjoy this incredible dish at your own kitchen.

Materials fee: $10